How to Make a Project Calendar for Project Management

Office, Business, Notebook, StatisticsYou should always look for better ways to do things. And when it comes to self-hosted project management that means looking at how you can maximize the efficiency of your team. So today we’re going over how to make a project calendar—a tool that makes it easy for everyone involved in the project to stay on top of their tasks and deadlines using one simple calendar.

What is a Project Calendar?

A project calendar is exactly what it sounds like: a calendar for your entire project. It allows you and other key players on the team to see everything happening during the current phase of development, allowing everyone involved to be up-to-date with what’s happening without having to constantly check in with each other. This tool can help your team remain on schedule because they’ll always know what is going to happen, and when it will happen.

Advantages of Using a Project Calendar

By using a project calendar, you and others involved in the project are able to see everything that’s assigned to them. You’re also able to see all deadlines for key events at a glance, which allows you to predict problems before they even arise. These calendars are especially useful for larger projects as well. This template is designed so that you can enter tasks or due dates into one central location that everyone involved with the project can access (and update conveniently), making managing multiple deadlines much easier than having several different excel sheets scattered around with timelines for each project.

What to Include in a Project Calendar?

A project calendar usually includes the following components:

  • Everything involved with the current phase of development (including team members, their roles, tasks that need to be done)
  • List of key events and when they’re happening
  • Commitments from every member of the team, including what they’ll be working on each week
  • The team’s short-term goals (for example, build the framework for module one by next Tuesday!)
  • Schedule for future phases of development as well

How to Make a Project Calendar of Your Own! Now that you have an idea of how useful these calendars can be for your projects, we can go over how to set up your own. First, create a template in Excel that includes columns for:

  • The phase of development (typically phases are labeled according to the project’s timeline)
  • Team members and their roles on the team
  • Deadlines for all key events
  • Due dates for team members’ assignments
  • Short-term goals that can help you stay focused throughout the project

Marketing, Business, Finance, SuccessUnderneath each column in your spreadsheet, write down everything you plan on accomplishing during each phase. Then, share this document with everyone involved with the project so they can add their tasks as well. The more people who use it, the better! Once these calendars are shared among team members, be sure to update regularly so everyone knows exactly what’s expected and when.

You can use a project calendar to follow up on any changes or additions made by your coworkers so you can easily see who is responsible for certain tasks without having to constantly ask them about their progress throughout the week.…

How Much Does A Builder Charge To Build A Deck?

If you decide to build your own deck, one of the big questions that you’ll have is in terms of how much money will this cost and what are my building options? Your average size deck can be built for around $15-25 per square foot.

There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to determining the price of your deck. The location that you live in is also an important factor because each city has its own permit fees. Generally speaking, the further north or farther away from an urban area, these fees tend to rise slightly. In addition to that; the climate where you live also plays a role in relation to things such as installation materials and labor costs . Hotter areas with more extreme weather conditions generally have higher labor costs, so do keep that in mind.

How much does a builder charge to build a deck? The answers to these questions all depend on the size and complexity of your project. If you want a simple deck then it’s likely that it will cost you around $10-20 per square foot for materials and installation. All things considered, if you go with one of the many vinyl or composite options out there, then your prices could drop substantially when compared to classic wood products like cedar or redwood . Wood – How Much Does A Deck Cost The material costs are the biggest factor but not as big an issue as some people think they are going to be. Where Do I Get Materials From To Build My Own Deck? You can buy your materials from any building supply store or lumberyard. Your best bet is to find yourself a local supplier because you’re going to be able to get what you want and the price is likely to be the most competitive in your area. If on the other hand, you decide that it’s too much of a headache for you and at least initially, never mind later on as well then you can always go with a do-it-yourself option like decking boards pre-cut and ready to install for instance, then that’s fine as well.

If you would rather not deal with all of this responsibility stuff, then by all means go ahead and let someone else do it for you – if they will! The more options available to you, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a deck builder who can do what you want. This is especially true if you’re willing to spend the money – but money isn’t everything.

How much does a decking company charge? The price of labor for building your deck really depends on where you live and the skill level of your contractor or crew. Typically, they’re going to charge anywhere from $100-$300 per day. There are generally three time periods when this cost gets charged; these include: When the job begins (labor and supply charges) All materials are in place (labor plus material charges) Final inspections have been completed (labor only). In terms of man hours, simple decks generally require 30 man hours per 1,000 square feet.

How much does a deck cost to build? By the time you’ve finished your deck project, you’re going to have to spend a minimum of $10,000; it just depends on how elaborate and where you are located. There is no set standard price for building a deck as there are so many variables that come into play here – in other words, everything costs more somewhere or somehow.…

3 Project Management Strategies To Keep Your Projects On Track

Project management is the way people, resources, and processes are organized to achieve a goal that has a defined beginning and end. Successful self-project management requires a lot of organization, clarity of specific objectives, and a clear commitment to those objectives from all parties involved.

The strategic plan contemplates the final objective and asks: “How did we get there?” From there, the strategic plan is used to utilize the necessary resources and establish priorities. A strategic project has milestones throughout development to measure success, as well as clear processes to make sure teams achieve those milestones.

Responsibility for strategic planning often rests with the Strategic Program Manager (SPM). This project management professional oversees a project from start to finish, ensuring that all parties involved know exactly what is going on and have what they need to be successful. They see the “big picture” of a project and work to mitigate risk.

And speaking of risks: Strategy risk is the possibility that a project will fail. The SPM’s job is to anticipate each risk factor and devise a plan to follow if they occur.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of strategy risk. The pandemic disrupted work and sent us all home. The sudden switch to telecommuting delayed projects, shifted demand and forced teams to adapt. Although the “global pandemic” was probably not mentioned in many 2020 strategic planning meetings, successful strategic program managers worked to keep projects moving forward without too many interruptions.

Strategies for project management

You need strong project management strategies to guide you through the process and keep your project moving on schedule. Aspiring to a finished product without any strategy prepares your project for uncontrolled changes in scope and destabilizing risks.

Strategy 1: Clarify the details of your project before starting

Before you start programming the project, you have to know what it entails. Start with the final product and work backwards. What smaller steps and products do you have to complete to get to the final product? Take the time to understand what you have to achieve and what resources you will need to make it happen. As you clarify the details of your project, you should commit to a project management methodology and begin to build a project plan based on that methodology.

Strategy 2: Evaluate your project from various perspectives

During the planning phase, take a step back and look at the project from the perspective of different roles. Each will face challenges that may not be apparent at first glance. Project management strategies in construction, for example, will look different for a foreman than for an architect or site engineer. Your project plan has to take into account the needs of each role and anticipate the common problems that each could face. It’s easy to get lost in the face of potential gaps and missed opportunities in your own project plan, so it can be helpful to have non-participating team members scrutinize it to see if they discover anything that you may have overlooked.

Strategy 3: Choose the right people to be part of the project team

A project can only be as successful as the people who work on it. Each team member should be chosen for the skills and personalities they bring to the project. Not everyone will be a good fit for any project, and your best team may not even include all of your “best” people.…

Which Is Better: Shower Or Bath?

Looking at the bathroom, you can immediately understand how much the landlord loves comfort. The bathroom is not just a place for hygiene. This is an intimate oasis where you can wash away daytime problems in the evening, enjoy a hot bath, soak up the fragrant foam, and even fool around with water, imagining that you are a child and thus relieve everyday boredom.

Unfortunately, the dimensions of many modern apartments do not allow for a luxuriously spacious bathroom, which can easily accommodate a wide font or jacuzzi. However, home craftsmen can equip even a small bathroom so that it becomes completely
functional and comfortable. But all the same, what to prefer? Shower or classic bathroom?

Shower Corner

A shower corner, of course, cannot replace a bathroom; however, in small apartments, where a bathroom is with a patch, it will be more rational and more economical to put just such a structure.

The shower enclosure is not a full-fledged shower cabin, and it is much more compact. Therefore it will fit into a niche or other space chosen in the bathroom. Moreover, such bathroom equipment is often made according to customer orders. Therefore, the necessary parameters are taken into account: from the depth of the pallet to the height
of the walls of the box for receiving water procedures.

The design of the shower enclosure is simple: the tray itself, the wall, the door. The device is placed between the walls.

Shower Enclosure Advantages:

1. Can "fit" into any tight space;
2. Allows you to zone the room;
3. Without a high pallet, it is convenient for people with disabilities who have problems with movement.

The shower enclosure should be installed in the bathroom, where a high-quality waterproofing of the floor has been carried out so that there are no problems with neighbors who suddenly start to drip from the ceiling. Types of shower enclosures: rectangular, square, asymmetrical, oval, multi-edged, elliptical. The shape of the shower enclosure should be chosen, taking into account the spatial possibilities of the room.

Ceramic trays are produced with an anti-slip coating; they are safer. Cast iron ones are too heavy but have a good service life. Steel cannot boast of such quality and noise; the sound of water on metal is annoying. Acrylic pallets are very popular. There are many different shapes on the market, a rich color palette. Of the polymer composition, pallets, as a rule, also have an anti-slip coating.

Designers who are engaged in bathroom interior design often advise apartment owners to purchase a marble pallet if the special interior of the room requires it. A wooden pallet will also look stylish; however, such material, although environmentally friendly, is short- lived.

Bathroom Selection: acrylic, cast iron, steel

If you still want to soak up the hot water, then you can't do it without buying a bath. Their assortment is varied in the shops where the equipment for the bathrooms is presented. But from what material – acrylic, cast iron, or steel – the bath will be the most comfortable and last longer? This question can be answered by considering the advantages and disadvantages of the presented goods.

Acrylic. In fact, these are models made of thermoplastic, sanitary acrylic. These are very popular products in the market. Buyers are offered models of various shapes and colors. The advantages of acrylic bathtubs are considered to be a pleasant appearance,
hygiene, simple repair, and the absence of the cold that a metal bath generously shares.

Cast iron. Cast iron baths are not afraid of corrosion; they are not afraid of either humidity or temperature drops. Installation is simple; the view is decent. Let there be no style, but there is reliability and comfort. What else does a tired body need? Just plunge
comfortably into pleasantly hot water, and cast-iron bathtubs know how to deliver this pleasure. By the way, such baths keep heat well. Bold minus-cast iron baths are very heavy. Although you can find foreign models in stores, those are easier since they are
made of cast iron, not as thick as Russian ones.

Steel. These baths are much lighter than cast iron ones. This is their plus. Such a bath will last at least fifteen years, which is also a pretty good time. But buyers who have purchased steel bathtubs complain that they are too noisy. Waterfalls into the steel box
with a crash; even the rubber foot pads don't help.

Experienced builders advise: in an old house with feeble partitions, it is better to purchase steel models than cast-iron models. They have less weight and are easy to install. Designers advise people who hate change to equip the bathroom with cast-iron bathtubs. This decision is based on the long service life of such a model.

As for acrylic baths, experts advise purchasing fonts made of polymethyl methacrylate using cast technology. They are durable and can serve for at least ten years. But if you make a mistake and buy a cheap acrylic bathroom with a thin protective layer of plexiglass, then disappointment will be quick – such a bath does not have a long service life. However, for an economy option, such a model is suitable since it is inexpensive. But the prices of cast acrylic fonts sometimes bite.

5 Tips For Choosing A Deck Builder

As a homeowner, when you decide that you want to add a deck to your home, you want it to be done efficiently and correctly. Adding a deck to your home gives you the opportunity to have a space that you can use to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just relax. In this article, we’ll help potential deck buyers who want to hire deck builders. We will give 5 tips for choosing deck builders.

When looking to start the process of installing a roof, you want to make sure you choose a contractor who is good at their job and will build you a deck that is ideal for your lifestyle. To ensure your rig is built to the highest capacity of a contractor, follow these tips and tricks.

Step 1: Research 

You want to be informed and educated when choosing a deck builder. Ask your friends and family who have built decks before and ask if they have any recommendations. If not, check out the reviews and read the testimonials from previous customers. Don’t just pick the first person to appear on your screen because that is not something you want to play with. You want to make sure your contractor is trained, certified, and can install a platform to your standards. Verify that they meet state standards and are licensed.

Step 2: develop a plan

Don’t go into this process blindfolded. Make sure you have an idea of ​​what you want from your deck and that you know the steps to take in the process. Develop a plan for the deck layout you want and add special features like railing, lighting, steps, and more. Once you’ve designed a plan for your rig, you can now choose the type of material you want to use. There are many different options when it comes to covers natural wood, composite and exotic woods. Make sure to educate yourself on the different types and choose the one that best suits your family and home. Once you have an idea of ​​everything you want your deck to entail, you can now create a budget and adjust it where you need it to ensure you stay within your budget.

Step 3: Compare Deck Builders

Once you’ve gone through step one and step two, go through the best deck builders and create a list of the ones you want to interview. Call each company and ask them the following questions:

  1. Are your contractors licensed and insured?
  2. Can I get a list of references from previous clients?
  3. Can I get prices and a written estimate for my deck design?

Step 4: Follow Up

Once you’ve interviewed each builder you want and have taken the time to decide who would be the best, move on to each one. Check your license, speak to references, and follow up to confirm the price estimates they gave you earlier.

Step 5: the final step

Once you’ve asked these questions, choose a deck builder that you think will suit you and schedule the installation. Of course, there will be logistics and numbers to discuss with the builder before installation can begin.

How To Improve Your Home With Decor: Tips + Schemes

Collected in one post tips on organizing an art gallery at home, placing carpet in the interior, choosing stylish curtains for the kitchen. Bonus – serving patterns that come in handy

Still not sure how to hang pictures and combine them with decor items? And limit yourself to one lonely frame? Experiment with a designer mirror in the center of the wall and cool posters around. Sorry for the walls – narrow shelves will do. Arrange an exhibition of paintings or photographs on them – simple and understandable schemes to help you.

How to choose curtains for the kitchen

Want to freshen up your kitchen interior? Change the textile design of the window – the atmosphere will sparkle with new colors. Keep in mind that kitchen curtains should not only be beautiful and match the style of the interior but also not hide the space, be easy to remove and not interfere with cleaning. It is not necessary to contact professionals; you can decide on the design yourself.

Determine the size and location of the carpet in the room

Many consider the carpets to be a relic of the past and recall the Soviet times with irony. It’s time to look at this type of flooring from a new angle. A large carpet will look great in the living room, but in the bedroom, you can throw two rugs on the sides of the bed. To make your choice easier, study the detailed diagrams.

Making the bed like in a good hotel

A beautifully made bed is an absolute must-have in any bedroom. She will transform the atmosphere and become a feature of the interior. We are sure that you will like neat bedspreads, stylish pillow compositions that are welcomed by residents of good hotels. Where to begin? Clear step-by-step instructions will help you.

How to set the table beautifully

Scientists have proven that a nicely laid the table and warm company increase appetite and pleasure from eating. To turn an ordinary breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a small holiday, beautiful service, and the correct arrangement of serving items are enough. If you want to simplify the preparation process – use our schemes.

Many do not even try to save savings, citing small incomes. Meanwhile, the secret of successful personal finance management lies in the ability to control your expenses. Experts advise how to achieve this:

  1. Estimate your net worth

The best way to calculate your net worth is to evaluate your property and calculate your debts.

Add up the value of everything you own: cash, savings, retirement accounts, property and car values, valuables such as art and jewelry, and more. These are your assets. Then, assess all your debts – whether it be a mortgage, car loan, consumer loan, or credit card debt. Add them up and subtract from the total value of your assets. This will be your net worth – everything you own.

If your net worth is positive, don’t relax. It takes discipline and cost control to always do this. If your net worth is negative, don’t panic. This is not a verdict, but just the current situation, which can and must be changed. Obviously, you should work harder, save more, spend less, and pay more actively.

  1. Keep a budget

It’s pretty easy to create a budget. You just need to make a list of all your expenses and income. This list will help you focus on your financial goals – whether it’s spending more reasonably, paying off a loan or credit card, or saving for emergencies or retirement.

On one piece of paper, write down all of your monthly income – salary, pension, alimony, or investment income. On another sheet, start writing down your expenses. This, of course, is more difficult, since you will have to track all expenses, even small ones.

An elementary record of expenses often allows you to take a fresh look at your spending, think about their need and value. The new-look will help to eliminate unnecessary expenses without compromising the quality of life.

  1. Normalize expenses in line with income

To live within your means, you need to stick to a budget. If you cannot control your small expenses, follow the so-called strategy of “limiting mandatory expenses to 60% of total income.”

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Mandatory expenses include food, clothing, household expenses, insurance premiums, recurring bills (credit card, loans, car, and housing payments), and all taxes. If your compulsory expenses are more than 60% of your income, you will have to cut some of them.

The remaining 40% of your income should be divided into four parts: set aside 10% for retirement savings, 10% for long-term savings (for a down payment for a home, for example), 10% for savings that may be needed for unexpected expenses and 10 % – for “interests and entertainment.”…

Six Quick Ideas For Preparing Your Home For The New Year

The festive mood should not be expected, but created by yourself. Even if there are only a few days left for this, you will have time!

Start by cleaning

Dare to do some spring cleaning – it really matters! The cleanliness in the house will create a field for creativity and will give a feeling of pleasant lightness.

Do a wet mop, tidy up open and closed storage systems, and get rid of unnecessary items. And to make things go faster, involve all household members in cleaning.

Refresh textiles

Decorative pillows with bright pillowcases, warm blankets, and new bedding will add mood and comfort – small updates really work!

The festive table will look even more cozy and solemn if you spread a neutral fabric tablecloth and a bright accent runner on it. It is convenient to put decor and main dishes on such a path. This will make the table look neater and even more festive.

Just do not pursue the goal of buying the brightest options; textiles should seem to merge with the general atmosphere. Go for the time-tested colors: red + green, white + gold/silver.

Hang the garlands

The decorative potential of everyone’s favorite garlands is much more than just showing off on the tree. Whole compositions on the windows look advantageous: for example, a garland in the form of a curtain or fringe. You can also place small lanterns in a transparent vase as decor and place them on the windowsill or dining table.

Choose garlands with a golden or silvery glow. Colored options will not look so stylish. And be sure to think over the correct arrangement of the decorations so that extension cords and interlacing of wires are not visible in a conspicuous place.

Decorate the tree

There are no strict rules for decorating a Christmas tree – it all depends on your imagination and tastes. Nowadays, it is popular to decorate a Christmas tree not only with traditional Christmas balls and figurines.

Satin ribbons, artificial flowers, beads, soft toys, feathers are used – everything to make the tree look lush, and you want to look at it.

Add decor

New Year’s decor is not only a decorated Christmas tree. It is important that every corner of the house is filled with a festive atmosphere. We definitely exclude traditional tinsel, paper snowflakes, and multi-colored figures of symbols of the coming year.

A large mirror or window can be decorated with a homemade green garland made from spruce branches tied together. You don’t need to hang a Christmas wreath on your front door. It can be positioned over a fireplace, on a console, or on a dining room wall. Pay attention to vintage candelabra, decorative candlesticks of unusual shape – they look wildly stylish and will perfectly fit into a festive atmosphere.

The main thing is to remember the measure and make sure that all elements are combined with each other.

Fill your home with New Year’s aromas.

If you have an artificial Christmas tree at home or not at all, feel free to use home scents and aroma candles.

The best “New Year” options are the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, pine needles, chocolate, and citrus. They will take you back to your childhood and allow you to smell the coming holiday.…

Ten Tips For Managing Your Finances

Budget management is not taught in schools and colleges, although it is a very useful skill. Only life will help to master it. Through trial and error, right and wrong steps, each person gradually develops his own personal financial algorithm – someone starts earning more, others save more, and the third is microcredit. These are all ways of managing your finances, which, in the best-case scenario, make life much easier.

There is no single correct opinion about budget control and management, but some general advice will help you better understand this issue.

  1. A constant lack of money, even with an increase in income, is a sure sign of a careless attitude to finance. And before borrowing money again, it is worth stopping and thinking about what you are doing wrong.
  2. To go “like this,” the financial side of life must be analyzed for thoughtless spending. This can be done in different ways – it can be calculated manually, on a computer in a program, or even in a smartphone application. Thus, it will be possible to identify the problematic “black hole” where all the money flows.
  3. The next step is planning. If you are serious about tidying up your finances, planning will add confidence in the present and future.
  4. You need to optimize both expenses and income. From the general budget, first of all, funds are allocated for mandatory monthly spending. You cannot leave this part of the expenses not later. Then, as a rule, you have to take a microloan online to fill the holes in the budget.
  5. By the way, about loans. The loan also applies to the mandatory monthly expenses. This should be given special attention since it is precisely the payments made at the wrong time that are a subtle but stable gap in financial life.
  6. For those for whom shopping seems like a panacea for depression, sadness, melancholy, and other unpleasant emotional recessions, we can answer – this is not so. More precisely, this is not always the case. Giving up today unnecessary trinkets, looked after in a fit of boredom, you can save a considerable amount in a month.
  7. You should not postpone the purchase of essential things, but it is better to take a closer look at larger purchases. Having studied the market, you can find a product of better quality and cheaper.
  8. There is an unspoken rule – do not spend money immediately on payday. As a rule, it is at this time that most unnecessary and thoughtless purchases are made.
  9. Ironically, the moral side is also important in matters of financial management. Don’t put money first. Wealth should not be an end in itself, and in the pursuit of pieces of paper, the main thing is not to lose humanity.

On the other hand, be sure to remember that for the development and further implementation of your goals, including spiritual ones, you need a reliable financial cushion. Start managing your budget now and boldly step into the beautiful far!…

6 Cool Bathroom Ideas Trending 2021

We talk about new models of toilet bowls, minimalistic appliances, hidden storage systems, and stylish lighting. And not only

Everything is changing – and bathroom decoration is no exception. We share the solutions that are most popular with designers.

Minimalist faucets and accessories

Pipes along the walls, metal hoses, massive valves look organically today only in retro interiors.

The trend to reduce visual stress to a minimum is not bypassed by the bathroom, where taps are only a delicate part of its design.

Floor-level shower

The shower room, which is only produced by a glass door and a counter with a watering can, is a new trend in bathroom design. The absence of a nut or podium is convenient, practical, and, of course, very beautiful.

Best of all is the shower drain, which is flush with the finished floor and has a modular design. From above, the ladder is closed with a decorative lattice or glass decorative panel – all kinds of shapes, materials, and colors.

What is another advantage of ladders:

  • The drainage system is easy to assemble for each specific shower. Consultants will help you choose the “filling” of the system, take into account whether the shower will be located in a private house or in an apartment, how many liters of water will pour out per minute, and other important characteristics.
  • There are drains in different lengths: from 50 cm for a small shower room to wide corner options. Plus, there are ladders that are cut to the desired size, to the individual size.
  • The ladder is easy to clean from hair and small debris because the covers are removable.

Storage areas behind colored panels

Instead of a pencil case, niches, and open shelves, there is a storage system that intelligently hides everything from the eyes: cleaning accessories, and household chemicals, and cosmetics, and towels, and even a laundry basket.

Moreover, such a one-piece design serves as a color accent at the same time.

Toilet terminal

Not only stylish and modern but also ideal in terms of comfort and hygiene. Behind a thin front panel made of safety glass, there is a tank, all water and electricity connections, and even an air filter.

And most importantly, most of the tasks associated with the installation of Smart-WC are solved because the toilet terminal can be combined with almost all toilet bowls and toilets with a bidet function!

The flush button is customizable to your wishes: if you want, it will work automatically, if you want it from a light touch of your hand.


We always say this: the more lighting scenarios in the bathroom, the better. After all, you must admit that the same bright overhead light is not suitable for a morning shower and evening relaxation in scented foam.

In addition, such elegant and visually lightweight hangers are suitable even for very tiny bathrooms, being both an additional light source and a stylish decoration.

Toilet shower

The hose hanging on the side of the toilet is already in the distant past. Today there is a technologically advanced and visually neat alternative to a hygienic shower – a “smart” toilet with a bidet function.

If you think that such a technique is difficult to operate and maintain – don’t jump to conclusions and pay attention to the smart shower toilets. They don’t need an electricity connection; they don’t need a boiler and a water tank. Moreover, such toilets are easy to install and easy to maintain.…

How To Become A Successful Blogger Without Spending A Time

Ideally, it was necessary to start in 2005, when no bloggers existed yet, and no one even knew the word like that. With such minimal competition, it was a snap to become famous.

Oh, what stars were rising then! What a refined atmosphere it was! Some posted poetry, some prose, some journalism of varying severity. Everyone was familiar with each other, and no one received a shisha for their writing. It was a golden time (crossed out).

In such conditions, children, senior comrades worked. Believe it or not, I remember a time when a multi-thousand blogger, having received a commercial offer, was tormented and tossed about as if it was about filming in porn. I wondered if it was worth it to donate a good name. And I often refused, I swear – I saw it myself. But more often, he didn’t refuse. And others, looking at this case, although they continued to puff, slowly realized that a good promoted blog is not only a luxury of human communication but also valuable fur. And that they could do that too.

What came of this, we see ten years later.

Blogging has become a profitable profession. They no longer agree to this income, having broken – they now count on it from the very beginning and are very upset if this income does not reach the expected.

So, if you think that I am shaking the old days here, and now everything is different, then I will tell you that nothing had changed since the days when such masters as me started. For a blog to start generating income, the blog needs to be promoted. He must stand out; he must become famous. Yes, now there are several orders of magnitude more customers because the blogosphere has long been recognized as a marketing tool, and almost all of it was included in the advertising budget. But this does not mean that there will be enough customers for everyone. The customer, although a small mind is a character, is still not an enemy to spend the budget on a blogger whom Google is not looking for. Plus, bloggers are now also not a couple of thousand people, but hosts and myriads, and the customer can afford to dig deeper and pick. Whatever the payback of the blog is calculated – even with likes, even comments, even subscribers, even clicks.

If you have already developed an image for your blog, then it is very important to stick to it. When a realtor suddenly starts talking about cosmetics, the reader gets the feeling that he made the wrong door. Like he came out of habit to a vegetable shop for carrots, and there is a communication salon since yesterday. People get nervous about this. Only a writer or charismatic is allowed to carry a blizzard on any topic: if he has already gained authority, then all his ideas will have the same value. But in the place of a hairdresser, I would be careful not to talk about the theater – “so what can you understand about this” and other unpleasant consequences will immediately begin.