Selected Publications:

2014 – ‘Reflections of an incidental maverick‘, Para-Academic Handbook: A Toolkit for making-learning-creating-acting, Bristol: Hammeron Press.

2014 – Book Review: Victoria Walters, Joseph Beuys and the Celtic Wor(l)d: A Language of Healing, Journal of Visual Culture, 13 (2), London: Sage.

2014 – ‘”There is a veg man dancing in Knowle!” – Reflections on Dances of Earthly Wonder, an experiment in live art and participatory documentation in community-based settings”, commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre, published online.

2014 – ‘How to be a performance artist’, commissioned by Artquest, published online.

2014 (in preparation) – ‘‘Queer(ed) rituals of becoming-anomalous: action art’s performance of the secular shamanic’, Action Art Now, York: OUI Performance.

2014 – A Lexicon of Labour Movements, with Clare Thornton, self-published artist’s book, available directly from the artists.

2013 – Foodscapes: People and Bread, self-published artist’s book, available directly from the artist.

2010 – ‘When the body becomes too much: writing on becoming-locust and the spectacle of theory’ Platform, Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts, Vol. X Issue 1, London: RHUL.

2008 – ‘The beautiful uncut hair of graves’, catalogue essay for Common Ground, curated by Tim Bromage.

2007 – ‘Falling in love with Manuel Vason’ Encounters: Performance, Photography, Collaboration, (inclusion of collaborative photographs and essay) Manuel Vason (ed. Dominic Johnson), Cornerhouse.

2007 – The CAT Show, Samizdat Press.

2006 – Re:Imaging Wales (featured artist and contributor) (ed. Hugh Adams), Seren Books.

2006 – Sense in Place: Site-ations international, Europe 2005/6, UWIC.

2005 – ‘On a Series of Queer Becomings’Rhizomes Journal, Issue 11, Dublin / online.

2005 – Of Contradiction, Trace: Welsh Artists’ Residency, Beijing, Trace: / Dadao.

2004 – ‘Between Man and Dog’ (with Matias Short), Brooklyn Review 21, NYC: Brooklyn College.

Conference papers :

2012 – ‘Actuating the anomalous: performance art’s negotiation with the secular spiritual in the work of Burden, Beuys and Kulik’, Performing Rituals Conference, University of Aberystwyth.

2011 – ‘Shamanoid 2.0’, Who do we think we are? Representing the Human, Symposium. RHUL, London.

2010 – ‘The performance of shamanoid becomings’, (Re)Performing the Posthuman, Conference, University of Sussex.

2010 – Response to ‘In Time’ publication by Live Art UK, Arnolfini, Bristol.

2009 - ‘On the Art of Loving and Giving’ with Alissa Clarke, TaPRA annual conference, Plymouth.

2007 – ‘Becoming-animal in contemporary art practices’, Art Nomade, Chicoutimi, Quebec.

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