Research Projects:

2006 – 2009 PhD ‘Reconfiguring the human :  the becoming-other of performance’*, supported by AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, University of Bristol and Arnolfini. Awarded by University of Bristol, July 2010.

*Copies of the thesis are currently held in the University of Bristol’s Arts and Social Sciences library, and in Arnolfini’s Reading Room, Bristol. It should also be available online via the British Library’s EThOS site, but unfortunately not for immediate download as the files are too big (the thesis contains appendices of digital documentation relating to performances addressed in each chapter). If you are at an institution, your library might be able to order a DVD or hard copy of the thesis via EThOS, otherwise contact me directly and I can probably arrange a DVD copy for around £10.

2002 – 2003 ‘Woof Woof?: On Becoming-animal in Contemporary Live Art Practices’ MA Fine Art Dissertation, Cardiff School of art and Design.

Selected Publications:

2014 (in preparation) – ‘”So you’re an artist as well then?” Experiments with live art and participatory documentation in community-based settings‘, Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, London: Taylor and Francis.

2013 (in preparation) – ‘‘Queer(ed) rituals of becoming-anomalous: action art’s performance of the secular shamanic’, Action Art Now, York: OUI Performance.

2010 – ‘When the body becomes too much: writing on becoming-locust and the spectacle of theory’ Platform, Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts, Vol. X Issue 1, London: RHUL.

2008 – ‘The beautiful uncut hair of graves’, catalogue essay for Common Ground, curated by Tim Bromage.

2007 – ‘Falling in love with Manuel Vason’ Encounters: Performance, Photography, Collaboration, (inclusion of collaborative photographs and essay) Manuel Vason (ed. Dominic Johnson), Cornerhouse.

2007 – The CAT Show, Samizdat Press.

2006 – Re:Imaging Wales (featured artist and contributor) (ed. Hugh Adams), Seren Books.

2006 – Sense in Place: Site-ations international, Europe 2005/6, UWIC.

2005 – ‘On a Series of Queer Becomings’Rhizomes Journal, Issue 11, Dublin / online.

2005 – Of Contradiction, Trace: Welsh Artists’ Residency, Beijing, Trace: / Dadao.

2004 – ‘Between Man and Dog’ (with Matias Short), Brooklyn Review 21, NYC: Brooklyn College.

Conference papers :

2012 – ‘Actuating the anomalous: performance art’s negotiation with the secular spiritual in the work of Burden, Beuys and Kulik’, Performing Rituals Conference, University of Aberystwyth.

2011 – ‘Shamanoid 2.0’, Who do we think we are? Representing the Human, Symposium. RHUL, London.

2010 – ‘The performance of shamanoid becomings’, (Re)Performing the Posthuman, Conference, University of Sussex.

2010 – Response to ‘In Time’ publication by Live Art UK, Arnolfini, Bristol.

2009 - ‘On the Art of Loving and Giving’ with Alissa Clarke, TaPRA annual conference, Plymouth.

2007 – ‘Becoming-animal in contemporary art practices’, Art Nomade, Chicoutimi, Quebec.

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