Looking at the bathroom, you can immediately understand how much the landlord loves comfort. The bathroom is not just a place for hygiene. This is an intimate oasis where you can wash away daytime problems in the evening, enjoy a hot bath, soak up the fragrant foam, and even fool around with water, imagining that you are a child and thus relieve everyday boredom.

Unfortunately, the dimensions of many modern apartments do not allow for a luxuriously spacious bathroom, which can easily accommodate a wide font or jacuzzi. However, home craftsmen can equip even a small bathroom so that it becomes completely
functional and comfortable. But all the same, what to prefer? Shower or classic bathroom?

Shower Corner

A shower corner, of course, cannot replace a bathroom; however, in small apartments, where a bathroom is with a patch, it will be more rational and more economical to put just such a structure.

The shower enclosure is not a full-fledged shower cabin, and it is much more compact. Therefore it will fit into a niche or other space chosen in the bathroom. Moreover, such bathroom equipment is often made according to customer orders. Therefore, the necessary parameters are taken into account: from the depth of the pallet to the height
of the walls of the box for receiving water procedures.

The design of the shower enclosure is simple: the tray itself, the wall, the door. The device is placed between the walls.

Shower Enclosure Advantages:

1. Can "fit" into any tight space;
2. Allows you to zone the room;
3. Without a high pallet, it is convenient for people with disabilities who have problems with movement.

The shower enclosure should be installed in the bathroom, where a high-quality waterproofing of the floor has been carried out so that there are no problems with neighbors who suddenly start to drip from the ceiling. Types of shower enclosures: rectangular, square, asymmetrical, oval, multi-edged, elliptical. The shape of the shower enclosure should be chosen, taking into account the spatial possibilities of the room.

Ceramic trays are produced with an anti-slip coating; they are safer. Cast iron ones are too heavy but have a good service life. Steel cannot boast of such quality and noise; the sound of water on metal is annoying. Acrylic pallets are very popular. There are many different shapes on the market, a rich color palette. Of the polymer composition, pallets, as a rule, also have an anti-slip coating.

Designers who are engaged in bathroom interior design often advise apartment owners to purchase a marble pallet if the special interior of the room requires it. A wooden pallet will also look stylish; however, such material, although environmentally friendly, is short- lived.

Bathroom Selection: acrylic, cast iron, steel

If you still want to soak up the hot water, then you can't do it without buying a bath. Their assortment is varied in the shops where the equipment for the bathrooms is presented. But from what material – acrylic, cast iron, or steel – the bath will be the most comfortable and last longer? This question can be answered by considering the advantages and disadvantages of the presented goods.

Acrylic. In fact, these are models made of thermoplastic, sanitary acrylic. These are very popular products in the market. Buyers are offered models of various shapes and colors. The advantages of acrylic bathtubs are considered to be a pleasant appearance,
hygiene, simple repair, and the absence of the cold that a metal bath generously shares.

Cast iron. Cast iron baths are not afraid of corrosion; they are not afraid of either humidity or temperature drops. Installation is simple; the view is decent. Let there be no style, but there is reliability and comfort. What else does a tired body need? Just plunge
comfortably into pleasantly hot water, and cast-iron bathtubs know how to deliver this pleasure. By the way, such baths keep heat well. Bold minus-cast iron baths are very heavy. Although you can find foreign models in stores, those are easier since they are
made of cast iron, not as thick as Russian ones.

Steel. These baths are much lighter than cast iron ones. This is their plus. Such a bath will last at least fifteen years, which is also a pretty good time. But buyers who have purchased steel bathtubs complain that they are too noisy. Waterfalls into the steel box
with a crash; even the rubber foot pads don't help.

Experienced builders advise: in an old house with feeble partitions, it is better to purchase steel models than cast-iron models. They have less weight and are easy to install. Designers advise people who hate change to equip the bathroom with cast-iron bathtubs. This decision is based on the long service life of such a model.

As for acrylic baths, experts advise purchasing fonts made of polymethyl methacrylate using cast technology. They are durable and can serve for at least ten years. But if you make a mistake and buy a cheap acrylic bathroom with a thin protective layer of plexiglass, then disappointment will be quick – such a bath does not have a long service life. However, for an economy option, such a model is suitable since it is inexpensive. But the prices of cast acrylic fonts sometimes bite.