Becoming again

So I’ve not posted for a while, immersed as I am in my PhD at the moment, alongside various other things. I was at a couple of conferences in London last week: one, The Animal Gaze, at London Met; the other, Close Encounters of The Animal Kind, at Tate Britain. As would be expected, both had their highlights and lowlights, and were useful in their own ways. I do have to say that Close Encounters was the most stimulating for me – it really reinvigorated my belief in Deleuzian ideas and the urgency of ethical and activist academia. I’m not talking about recycling or political protest (although both, obviously, are important too) but about the responsibility of the thinker (academic and artist) to engage with and to account for the profound changes that are happening in this world today (environmental, political, technological, etc.). The way in which we can transform thinking can transform our reality, and surely as well as being a privilege this is also a moral obligation. I realise that my artwork, like my PhD, is a political and ethical project and – if only on a micro level – this is my commitment to the world.

As I read somewhere this afternoon, it’s not what something means, it’s what something does.

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