It wouldn’t be worth it without the struggle…

front_page_ad_3_400pxThe title of a new exhibition I’m taking part in at Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, in a couple of weeks time, It Wouldn’t Be Worth It Without The Struggle seems a fitting adage. I’m in the final stages of my PhD at the moment, which has been (as it should be) something of a struggle, but now that I can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel it’s all feeling worth it. In ways, the timing of the Cardiff show isn’t perfect – I’m up to my eyes in writing at the moment, and my brain feels somewhat adled by theorising about performance. But I feel my creative approach shifting and adapting – becoming  more reflective, ordered, and refined – as it has in the making of small actions recently for We Haunt events in Cardiff and in Pembrokeshire. Moreover, Howard Gardens is not a new space for me. It’s where I spent a year doing my MA Fine Art between 2002-3, and on returning last weekend to do a recce, I find it flooded with memory and signs of difference – differences in the place from then to now, differences in myself, differences in life and in the world. I’ve been thinking about time, about change, about the ways we mark and activate shifts in life. It feels like there are a lot happenening at the moment, it raises questions of what’s important to hold on to and what we can dispose of (or recycle) along the way…

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