Common Ground

Common Ground eflyer So I seem to’ve been neglectful of my blog again, the last few posts being but adverts for performances I’m doing. I have been very busy with lots of other stuff – it’s that September syndrome, when one’s suddenly shaken out of one’s summer cloudiness into full pace art season. Which is good, just a shift in gear that’s all. But I will write properly soon – how research work is going, what this shift in my new work means, and (without repeating too much of a previous post) reflections on the archive (as I’ve been dusting off CDs and rooting round boxes in the cellar for documentation of Becoming-snail). And also thoughts on art/politics/love/revolution and the need to get my arse in gear re. all of the above. But for now, a shout out about Common Ground, a one-off performance event that I’ve curated with Tim Bromage at Plan 9 in Bristol, this Thursday and Friday. If you’re about, come along, it should be wild!

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