So it’s been a busy week or two here at Hurley Towers. I had my PhD graduation, so am now officially Dr Hurley, and marked the occasion with extensive and marvellously enjoyable celebrations last weekend. I’ve also just begun a month-long artist’s residency in Taunton, along with Natalie Parsley and Brian Gibson. It’s a kind of experimental and exploratory residency, set up by Emily Bull of Context, and  promises to be an exciting project, creating potentially new

Sketch for Art Voodoo performanceaudiences and new contexts for work. We’ve started this week, with Brian and I working partly remotely, and it’s great to see how things are beginning to take shape already. We’ll all be keeping up to date via the residency blog so do follow that to see how our work, conversations and collaborations develop. I’m planning a new performance for camera, as well as a participatory project aimed at Taunton’s spiritual regeneration (it’s already undergoing massive economic development), so do watch this space (or rather the Context blog) to see what happens. There’ll be an exhibition at Somerset College of Art and Technology 9th-13th August with a closing / private view on the Friday afternoon.

Also this week, I was in London for the launch of the latest edition of Platform, previously an online journal and now for the first time in print. It’s a great project, coming out of the postgraduate research community at Royal Holloway, University of London, and seems to be an increasingly interdisciplinary and really professional journal. This volume contains an article of my own ‘When the body becomes too much: writing on Becoming-locust and the spectacle of theory’, which should also be downloadable, imminently from Platform’s website. Also in planning at the moment are some cycle-related art projects, some performance events, and a new little work for Tom Marshman’s ‘Beacons, Icons and Dykon’s’ event at the Cube Cinema, Bristol. To quote a good friend of mine, “there’s SO much to do…”

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