Art Voodoo

The Context Residency in Taunton is flying by, and it’s astonishing how things are coming together so quickly! Having started just two and a half weeks ago without much idea of exactly what I’d be doing, I now find myself preparing for a performance in town this Saturday, and a couple of other performances-for-camera next week. We met up this lunchtime with the other two artists in residence (Natalie Parsley and Brian Gibson) and the project organiser (Emily Bull) to talk about the exhibition (opening on 10th August, at Somerset College of Art and Technology) and it’s getting really exciting imagining how it will all look.

But first, we need to do the work, and for this I need people’s help! I’m planning a couple of actions based around regeneration in Taunton, of which much is going on already, in the form of building, economic development, social projects, etc. But I’m thinking about a different aspect of regeneration, through a more personalised, grass-roots and ambiguous reflection, drawing on ritualistic and shamanistic practices and thinking what regeneration might actually mean. I’m calling the project ArtVoodoo (with my tongue firmly in one cheek) and it’s become the central theme of my residency, of which Saturday’s performance (in Taunton town centre, from 2pm) will be a lynchpin.

For the performance on Saturday, I’m asking for people’s hopes, fears, wishes and worries about the regeneration of Taunton. These will become a physical part of the performance and of the installation that will be in the exhibition, and Natalie and Brian will also have an input, which feels really important and quite touching.

So if you know Taunton (or perhaps even if you don’t), I’m asking for your hopes, wishes, fears and worries about regeneration in the town, and I will dance for them, sweat them out, and do my best to summon the energies to empower, protect and generate. All you have to do is pop them in a quick email (max one line on each) to artvoodoo [at], by Saturday morning. And of course if you’re nearby do come and find me in the town centre from 2pm.

Many thanks in advance!


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