Live Art Crash Course

January’s begun (and almost finished…) in a whirlwind of activity and enthusiasm for the year ahead. There’s so much to do… A couple of weeks ago I ran an exhibition tour and Live Art Crash Course at Arnolfini, both of which were fantastically enjoyable and (I think) successful. The tour of ‘What Next For the Body‘ was really interesting – I led a small group of visitors around the exhibition and they seemed to have few preconceptions about the exhibition content (largely body based stuff, with a significant forensic twist and performance documentation element) or previous knowledge of live art. But they were wonderfully interesting individuals who were really open to honest dialogue and debate (and I think one of them was a medical professional of some sort, which gave her a fascinating take on some of the material and a technical advantage over me at points!), and I think we all got a lot from the hour or so’s chat we had. The Live Art Crash Course was similarly fun, with a great group of almost 20 participants from a range of backgrounds – a mix of students, teachers, researchers, practitioners, artists, writers and just curious “punters”. I was really humbled by people’s enthusiasm and willingness to participate, and encouraged by how deeply people were really interested in live art and performance and what it could bring them – I suppose having spent the last 10 years or so making, watching, theorising and teaching live art, one can become a little complacent, if not cynical and institutionalised, by being immersed in something no matter how interesting! I was also surprised at how far people had travelled for the workshop (London, Cardigan and Surrey, as well as much closer to home), and how there is clearly a desire for such affordable live art / performance workshops. I’ve been invited to run the crash course again up in Dundee in March (watch this space for details…), which is exciting, and need to get on the case with other venues / groups about running it elsewhere in the country. If you’d be interested do get in touch!

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