Overgave (surrender) exhibition

I’m incredibly excited to invite you all to my first solo exhibition Overgave (surrender), which opens in Bristol this week. It really is quite thrilling to be making performance / installaction work solely for exhibition. I’ve just gotten into the gallery today, and am thinking through the ideas I’ve brought with me. They may stay or they may go out the window, who knows… It’s the first time for a long time that I’ve worked with a ‘theme’, albeit a obscure one. The title of the exhibition, Overgave, is a Dutch word that can be loosely translated as “surrender” (but also variously relates to “dedication”, “abandonment” and “capitulation”). It’s somehow important that it’s a word not in my native tongue (I spent some time in the Netherlands many years ago, so it’s a familiar language, but not one that I still have much command of), but that carries connotations of a concept (/ concepts) rather than a clear definable, translatable meaning. This, I realise, is consonant to the work. We’ll see if it works 😉 If you’re anywhere near Bristol or can be, I would love to see you there. I mean it.

INCUBE8 Part I : Overgave (surrender) 

Opening : Thursday 8th March
Preview: 7pm till late, Bar + food + music + complimentary drinks reception

Exhibition continues: Friday 9th – Sunday 11th, 12 – 6pm
Peer Critique: Saturday 10th 2-3pm
With a background that crosses experimental performance and fine art, Paul Hurley’s recent practice has consisted almost exclusively of live work, much of which involves explorations of ritualised action, endurance and abjection. It teeters at the limits of the mundane self, approaching vulnerability and actuating affect. It evolves affectivity and joy – as in the capacity for being affected to the point of pain or extreme pleasure – which comes to the same.
Interested in using the body and everyday materials to create visual images that transcend our usual physical and functional orientation, Hurley makes meaningful secular spiritual rituals, seriously, creatively and with warm humour. For ‘Overgave (surrender)’ (the second word a translation of the first, from Dutch), Hurley creates new performances to be encountered live, through documentation and as trace.mfp_incub8_spring2012.jpg

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