June news!

So June is here, and with it the British Summer, which in my case has involved much standing on the back of a boat in the cold pouring rain as Mr P and I relocate our narrowboat home to Yorkshire… But that means that the R&D phase of Connection / Time is over already, so do have a look on the site at info about the project and by following the links (which feel a little clumsy, I know) to the documentation pages. They’re worth it when you get there!

In other news, I’m running a Live Art Crash Course at Arnolfini in July. The last couple of times I’ve run it (at Arnolfini and at Performance Platform in Dundee) it’s been great fun, and people have really enjoyed it. I’ll be mixing it up a bit this time, and as ever trying to be responsive to participants’ needs. If you’re interested in attending or know anyone who might be then do get in touch with Arnolfini or with me via the blog (though I have to apologise in advance for sporadic internet connection over the next few weeks…) And some more performances in the summer, in Bristol definitely and who knows where else…!

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