7a*11d festival

I was in Toronto a few weeks ago for the wonderful 7a*11d festival (“Canada’s longest-running performance art biennial”).  It was a stupendously well organised event, coordinated by the (volunteer) 7a*11d collective, in partnership with the FADO collective. Canada has a very strong history of artist-led initiatives, and it seems they really know how to make it work. As one of the 7a*11d members said to me “Because we’re artists, we know how we want to treat artists. Their generosity of spirit extended from insisting artists were picked up personally from the airport, to first and last night dinner parties at Tanya’s (another of the collective) house, to paying close attention to our needs for performance material, to providing delicious free lunches (for artists and audience) at the Performance Daily talk events. I’ve never felt so looked after at a festival, nor so much part of a temporarily community of artists and audience around the event. I met so many great local artists, as well as fellow internationals, who presented some amazing work.

Being very much still tied up with the Dances of Earthly Wonder project in Bristol (next post on that to follow soon…), I’m still catching up with documentation and the like. In the meantime, see below some of the wonderful pictures taken by the brilliant Henry Chan. Also, if you’re so inclined, do check out the festival blog

for reports on all of the festival performances including my own.

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