After the autumn whirlwind

“After the autumn whirlwind” sounds a little dramatic I know (I’m a performance artist; aren’t I allowed to be?), but it really does feel like it’s been a real whirlwind few months. In a thoroughly good way, of course… As well performance trips to Toronto and Nottingham, and taking part in workshop / weekends at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Langdon Beck in the upper Pennines, the past few months have been largely focussed on the Dances of Earthly Wonder project at Knowle West, south Bristol. It’s been such a rich and enjoyable project, working with different members of the team at Knowle West Media Centre and some of the community groups that they’re engaged with – NLarge young people’s photography, ELM food producers and the Eagle House bingo group. All have been a joy to work with, and it’s been a truly wonderful experience to connect with some of these individuals, to be welcomed into their communities, activities and spaces – from the community farm to the (usually) women’s only bingo group.

Performance at Eagle House Bingo
Performance at Eagle House Bingo

The people I’ve been getting to know have not only inspired the new works, but also participated in its documentation through the CONNECTION / TIME interface (developed by Dane Watkins and I at KWMC last year). There are some fantastic tweets and photos on the pages – follow the links below to see more and comment on them.

I’m currently writing an essay and question and answer about the project for KWMC. If you saw or were involved in any of the performances and want to answer me a question just drop me a line in the ‘comment’ section below!

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