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So it’s been a predictably busy winter. Aside from the usual challenges of staying warm and surviving the various near snowpocalypses (snowpocali?) we’ve been having, I also feel like I’ve spent the last two months plugging away at funding applications and proposals. Exciting projects, and it’s great to build them with artists and organisations – the process can be pleasingly collaborative and creative, if slightly anticlimatic when you finally submit them and realise that you then have to wait another month or two before finding out if you actually get any money. The endless cycle… But some plans are coming to fruition already. I’m really pleased to be working with Dane Watkins and ] Performance S p a c e [ again, this time using the CONNECTION / TIME  interface that Dane and I developed last year to document the Ritually Reading and Researching event at ] PS [ this Friday. It looks to be intense, curious and wonderful. It’s a 12 hour creative research event facilitated by Bean, Benjamin and myself, and the texts submitted look incredible.

Then next week I’ll be back in Leeds to take part in VANTAGE, a new art prize instigated by the Departure Foundation and curated by the brilliant Adam Young. It looks like it’ll be a great exhibition, with a whole range of artists from across Leeds, I’m very much looking forward to seeing all of the work as well as presenting my own. Then in a couple of weeks I’ll be delivering a series of Live Art Crash Course workshops across Yorkshire, in collaboration with COMPASS Live Art, as well as partner organisations in each of the cities – East Street Arts in Leeds (2nd March), Point Blank in Sheffield (9th March) and OUI Performance in York (16th March). It really is a joy to be working with all of them, and I’m sure it’ll be brilliant to be presenting the workshops in such intensive succession. If you’d be interested it’s important you register in advance via the link on the COMPASS website, as spaces are very limited.

More soon, but in the mean time wishing you all a very happy new year – in the Tibetan calendar we’re entering the year of the female water snake, one of transformation. So to that and to you I raise a proverbial glass! Image

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