Food and flux

So much news, as ever… As we approach the middle of 2014, so much seems to have already happened, in art and in life.

The year began with an astonishingly elemental performance meeting at Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales, the first of a series of group action walks with the Bearing Flux group (myself, Chris Mollon, Filippa Dobson, Adam Young and Gillian Dyson, with Maria Spadafora documenting). Malham is a high and exposed glacial lake, and in January, the sleet was driving horizontally, and our clothes and gloves were sodden within minutes. An intense and exhilarating trip, which resulted in a few brief actions around the tarn, and then a couple of hours warming up in a nearby pub. We’ve met monthly, at points near water heading East – the canal and river at Saltaire and at Leeds, the reservoir at Alwoodly -and hope next month to meet at the coast, and then back to Malham to complete the cycle. It’s been a really rich and open process of connection, to the other artists, to place and to water itself.


March saw the development of a new artists’ book work, in collaboration with Clare Thornton. It was a kind of collection of documents and scores of A Lexicon of Labour Movements, the performance and exhibition that we made together last year. Through an intensive period in the studio and then a while working remotely, we created a compilation of drawings and short texts, which were risographed onto sugar paper cards (by the excellent Jono at City Edition Studios, Bristol) and enveloped in a rather delicious blue and yellow hand-stamped folder. We were really pleased with the result, and were delighted to be able to launch the event at a special Working Lunch at Habgood’s Scrap Metal Merchant (one of the traders we had worked with last year), organised by Knowle West Media Centre. If you’d like a copy, just drop me a line.

The last couple of months have been taken up with a lot of work planning projects in Cardiff. One is Foodscapes, a project undertaken in Bristol last year, which we are re-presenting at the AHRC Connected Communities Festival in Cardiff Bay. You can read more about the project below, or on the Foodscapes website. What we’re doing in Cardiff is presenting elements of last year’s projects in a two-day pop up exhibition (1st and 2nd July), and two special discussion events exploring the relationships between art, research and food practices. Full details of the events, with links to the registration page, can be found on the Foodscapes Exhibition Facebook.

photo 1

Also in Cardiff are a couple of projects related to the artist, curator and self-proclaimed instictator Kim Fielding, who sadly and suddenly passed away earlier this year. Kim was a dear friend, inspiring mentor and amazing collaborator, and is missed by so many artists and friends. Plans are afoot to set up an award in his name, and to create an exhibition of his work and of some of the artists he worked with through tactileBOSCH. These are set to launch in October, as part of Cardiff Contemporary, and it has been a real honour to be a part of both. Reconnecting with the Cardiff scene has been really inspiring, and I hope to be doing more over there in the future.

There are more things in the pipeline, of course, which I’ll update as and when… A possible new work at ] Performance S p a c e [ in London next month, the development of a project with Misha Horacek and an international collective of artists who met for the first time last weekend, a move back to the South West with a view to setting up a Creative Timebank in Bristol, a book work project with Leeds-based artist Carla Moss, and a redesigned website with the help of Fra Panella. So much to do…

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