We Are Not a Single Species – Audio work

How many are we in this city? How many entangled worlds of human and nonhuman lives, of pasts, presents and futures? As part of an artist’s residency at the University of Bristol’s Temple Quarter, my new work We Are Not A Single Species sets out to explore such questions, to tease out some of the tangled threads connecting different worlds to a new university campus in the city.

The full work was exhibited at SPACE Gallery, Old Market Bristol in September 2019, and you can listen to the audio work on its own below, or download it here. A single screen video version will be coming soon.

With my excellent collaborator, film maker Paul Samuel White, we used a dog-mounted camera to document institutional and marginal geographies of the city, and a soundtrack of conversational dérives conducted with humans and nonhumans. The result is a new multiscreen installation that operates on a disruptive serendipity reflecting the layers of conversation and experience accumulated in articulating the worlds of the Temple Quarter. Resisting nostalgic or corporatised narratives about development, it instead opens up a space in which to consider the interconnected and interspecies territories in which we exist.


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