We talk about new models of toilet bowls, minimalistic appliances, hidden storage systems, and stylish lighting. And not only

Everything is changing – and bathroom decoration is no exception. We share the solutions that are most popular with designers.

Minimalist faucets and accessories

Pipes along the walls, metal hoses, massive valves look organically today only in retro interiors.

The trend to reduce visual stress to a minimum is not bypassed by the bathroom, where taps are only a delicate part of its design.

Floor-level shower

The shower room, which is only produced by a glass door and a counter with a watering can, is a new trend in bathroom design. The absence of a nut or podium is convenient, practical, and, of course, very beautiful.

Best of all is the shower drain, which is flush with the finished floor and has a modular design. From above, the ladder is closed with a decorative lattice or glass decorative panel – all kinds of shapes, materials, and colors.

What is another advantage of ladders:

  • The drainage system is easy to assemble for each specific shower. Consultants will help you choose the “filling” of the system, take into account whether the shower will be located in a private house or in an apartment, how many liters of water will pour out per minute, and other important characteristics.
  • There are drains in different lengths: from 50 cm for a small shower room to wide corner options. Plus, there are ladders that are cut to the desired size, to the individual size.
  • The ladder is easy to clean from hair and small debris because the covers are removable.

Storage areas behind colored panels

Instead of a pencil case, niches, and open shelves, there is a storage system that intelligently hides everything from the eyes: cleaning accessories, and household chemicals, and cosmetics, and towels, and even a laundry basket.

Moreover, such a one-piece design serves as a color accent at the same time.

Toilet terminal

Not only stylish and modern but also ideal in terms of comfort and hygiene. Behind a thin front panel made of safety glass, there is a tank, all water and electricity connections, and even an air filter.

And most importantly, most of the tasks associated with the installation of Smart-WC are solved because the toilet terminal can be combined with almost all toilet bowls and toilets with a bidet function!

The flush button is customizable to your wishes: if you want, it will work automatically, if you want it from a light touch of your hand.


We always say this: the more lighting scenarios in the bathroom, the better. After all, you must admit that the same bright overhead light is not suitable for a morning shower and evening relaxation in scented foam.

In addition, such elegant and visually lightweight hangers are suitable even for very tiny bathrooms, being both an additional light source and a stylish decoration.

Toilet shower

The hose hanging on the side of the toilet is already in the distant past. Today there is a technologically advanced and visually neat alternative to a hygienic shower – a “smart” toilet with a bidet function.

If you think that such a technique is difficult to operate and maintain – don’t jump to conclusions and pay attention to the smart shower toilets. They don’t need an electricity connection; they don’t need a boiler and a water tank. Moreover, such toilets are easy to install and easy to maintain.