The festive mood should not be expected, but created by yourself. Even if there are only a few days left for this, you will have time!

Start by cleaning

Dare to do some spring cleaning – it really matters! The cleanliness in the house will create a field for creativity and will give a feeling of pleasant lightness.

Do a wet mop, tidy up open and closed storage systems, and get rid of unnecessary items. And to make things go faster, involve all household members in cleaning.

Refresh textiles

Decorative pillows with bright pillowcases, warm blankets, and new bedding will add mood and comfort – small updates really work!

The festive table will look even more cozy and solemn if you spread a neutral fabric tablecloth and a bright accent runner on it. It is convenient to put decor and main dishes on such a path. This will make the table look neater and even more festive.

Just do not pursue the goal of buying the brightest options; textiles should seem to merge with the general atmosphere. Go for the time-tested colors: red + green, white + gold/silver.

Hang the garlands

The decorative potential of everyone’s favorite garlands is much more than just showing off on the tree. Whole compositions on the windows look advantageous: for example, a garland in the form of a curtain or fringe. You can also place small lanterns in a transparent vase as decor and place them on the windowsill or dining table.

Choose garlands with a golden or silvery glow. Colored options will not look so stylish. And be sure to think over the correct arrangement of the decorations so that extension cords and interlacing of wires are not visible in a conspicuous place.

Decorate the tree

There are no strict rules for decorating a Christmas tree – it all depends on your imagination and tastes. Nowadays, it is popular to decorate a Christmas tree not only with traditional Christmas balls and figurines.

Satin ribbons, artificial flowers, beads, soft toys, feathers are used – everything to make the tree look lush, and you want to look at it.

Add decor

New Year’s decor is not only a decorated Christmas tree. It is important that every corner of the house is filled with a festive atmosphere. We definitely exclude traditional tinsel, paper snowflakes, and multi-colored figures of symbols of the coming year.

A large mirror or window can be decorated with a homemade green garland made from spruce branches tied together. You don’t need to hang a Christmas wreath on your front door. It can be positioned over a fireplace, on a console, or on a dining room wall. Pay attention to vintage candelabra, decorative candlesticks of unusual shape – they look wildly stylish and will perfectly fit into a festive atmosphere.

The main thing is to remember the measure and make sure that all elements are combined with each other.

Fill your home with New Year’s aromas.

If you have an artificial Christmas tree at home or not at all, feel free to use home scents and aroma candles.

The best “New Year” options are the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, pine needles, chocolate, and citrus. They will take you back to your childhood and allow you to smell the coming holiday.