Wynn Resorts In Massachusetts License Battle

Hearings with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (often known as “Mass Gaming”) have taken up many days of Wynn Resorts’ time. The corporation has been making the case that it should be allowed to keep its license to continue doing business in Massachusetts. In the beginning of this year, the organization came under scrutiny as a result of a #metoo incident that involved its previous CEO, Steve Wynn. The management team’s capacity to oversee the organization was called into question during the Mass Gaming hearing. The corporation has been accused of not taking the claims seriously, which led to the hearing in the first place.

Following allegations of sexual misconduct with employees, Steve Wynn tendered his resignation as CEO of Wynn Resorts, but it appears that the damage may already have been done. At the moment, the commission is going through the facts that it was given during the hearing to make their decision. It is anticipated that feedback will be provided in the following weeks.


Founder Banned From Wynn Properties

One of the actions that Wynn Resorts has proposed to the commission in order to demonstrate that it is qualified to keep its license is to prohibit the company’s founder from entering any of its properties.


The measures are part of a larger paper that is 49 pages long and outlines 13 other measures that the organization intends to undertake. It was anticipated that the refurbished Encore Boston Harbour, a project that cost $2.6 billion, will open its doors in June under the management of the resorts group.


The additional measures include doing a review of the policies currently in place regarding sexual harassment at the organization, as well as teaching all of the staff members on various types of harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as discrimination. Additionally, it has pledged to conduct an exhaustive investigation into any and all allegations of sexual harassment leveled against the company’s founder.


Prepared to Leave the Scene

Wynn Resorts is not going to take the criticism lying down, which is an unusual turn of events. According to a statement released by the firm, Mass Gaming has given the company the responsibility of proving why it should be allowed to keep its license rather than examining why it should not be allowed to do so.


In addition, the commission has decided to put the license up for review, despite the fact that it has not received any comments or suggestions from the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau. During the course of the hearing, the commissioners posed a great number of inquiries concerning the data that was not included in the IEB report because it was considered to be irrelevant. These inquiries provided specifics concerning the divorce that Steve Wynn went through. In addition to this, it cast doubt on the abilities of the organization’s new chief executive officer, Mathew Maddox. The panel is of the opinion that the fact that he has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the sexual harassment accusations is evidence that he was not privy to the actual status quo in the company. He has denied this knowledge on multiple occasions.


The Internal Evaluation Board has reached the conclusion that Maddox is fit to remain in his current role with the company. In the grand scheme of things, Wynn’s property in Massachusetts contributes only a negligible amount to the company’s overall revenue. Although the corporation as a whole would suffer if it lost its properties in Macau, those in Macau are responsible for the majority of the company’s income.






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